We provide training in the following:

Health and Social Care (Minimum of 10 weeks from start of registration)

Level 1 & 2 in adult health care has become fundamental to health care organisations as stipulated by the government legislations. The candidate here gains confidence in health and safety, communication, dealing with challenging behaviour, also eating and drinking, toileting, medication and others.

Level 3:

This is a Team Lead role, where the candidate understands better methods of supporting service users to access services both within and outside the home, to carry out health and safety checks and support the manager for the smooth running of the home. More so, they gain understanding about legislations example on confidentiality, health and safety, NHS and Community Care Act, Human Rights, data protection and others. This improves the confident of the candidate at the end of the training. They may also gain training on budgeting.

Level 4 and Level 5:

The candidate would have managed a lot of roles as these are managerial levels. These qualification enables the learner to know how to run a home. Manage their budget, carry out staff supervision and training, employing the right individual for a job, developing and reviewing of policies and procedures. Liaising with external agencies both government and private to meet the need of the service users while delivering quality and profitable feedback to the home care service provider –  the director(s). Understanding what the Care Quality Commissions requires in order to keep the home running.

For more information on our courses please email us at info@aphek.co.uk